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 I played with Google Wave again today - and I'm beginning to find my feet.  Articles from LifeHacker (thanks @pixievondust) and give a good overview of the Wave platform and are packed with easy to follow 'how tos'.  That said Wave comes with a learning curve - it's not as intuitive as I expected.

Some of the things that took me a long time to figure out include:

1. To search public waves: in the search box type with:public searchterm.

2. To make a wave public: add to your contacts (note even though the Submit button seems disabled, hit Enter anyway, it will work). Then add that contact to the wave you want to make public.

3. Here is a list of Wave Extensions - everything from Hangman to a whiteboard app.

4. To embed a Wave in a blog, add to your contacts and then to the wave. The app will provide embed code.

Since many Wavers were not given invites, we find ourselves in a 'first telephone' type scenario.  It's been interesting to see how people are reaching out to make contact with others: by participating in 'Meet & Greet' waves, pinning their location on embedded Google Maps, searching for people by location, technology, religion.

The richness of the User Interface is striking - to me it's got the gadgety feel of Facebook - but in a much less structured layout.  Typing, and seeing others type in real-time, is a unique experience.  It seems to encourage short Twitter-like posts - which again gives a very interactive feel.

I'll be thinking about the applications for Wave in the coming weeks - particularly in the context of elearning.  If you find anything relevant, be sure to let me know! 


Google Wave 101 by Gina Trapani

Google Wave: A Complete Guide by Ben Parr!w+u9_02zugH


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