That @topgold - he's an educator!

I'm trying to get to grips with some new elearning development techniques at the moment - one of which is the narration of learning materials.  It's been a long time since I've grappled with mics and audio levels - so I tweeted @topgold to see if he could offer any recommendations on microphones.  He was one of the first tweeters I followed - and ever since he has regularly offered nuggets of wisdom on podcasting, creative use of social media and innovation in education.  
@topgold Bernie, do you have any recommendations for a microphone? I'm narrating some learning materials and need good quality sound.
His response to my inquiry was not what I expected!  Fortunately for me, it seems I asked the question at the right time.  Bernie is currently preparing for @dotconf in Dublin next week - where he will be answering similar questions.  First, he replied via Twitter with a video showing three different mic setups: 
@marloft I'm recommending mics like these during @dotconf next week.
This gave me some models to Google but it was pretty short and you had to be quick to catch the information (hey, it was Monday morning...).  However, it didn't end there.  This Audioboo arrived a few minutes later which used a simple image and some insightful audio to describe various levels of mic equipment - everything from clever use of an iPhone to broadcast quality, foot-long, recording 'sticks'. 


So, I got an answer to my simple question, but much more than that I got:
a) a real *demonstration* of deep knowledge and applied technique.  The medium truly was the message.
b) a sample of audio which I could compare to my own efforts.  Here's the clever bit: this was acknowledged as not 'broadcast quality' - but it was compelling.  Mine didn't sound so bad after that! :-)  Interestingly, I'm finding that I'm not so hung up now on getting broadcast quality.  But I am more conscious of the need for good, value-added content when adding audio to learning materials.
c) a demo of a new technology (Audioboo) and how it could be employed in an educational context - which I have now tried out.
Twitter - it's a great place to learn stuff - and that @topgold - he's an educator! :-)  Thx Bernie!
Oh, look.... he's just inspired me to blog for the first time too...

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