Thank you, Catherine Cronin

If you are very lucky in this life, every now and then you meet someone who changes everything.  They see you.  They see potential in you.  They believe in you.  If you are brave and courageous, you start to live up to that potential.  I'm still working up the courage and still starting - but I was lucky enough to meet Catherine Cronin almost ten years ago and she did that for me.  Every Ada Lovelace Day for the past few years, I have intended to write this.  Because I know that I am not the only one.  She does this for others too.  That's pretty amazing to me.  Inspiring.

You can read about Catherine's work in Open Education research, ITonline Programs at NUI Galway, CoderDojo and much more here.  Thank you, Catherine. 


Photo by Leigh Graves Wolf

Now, encouraged by Leigh Graves Wolf (and borrowing her format), I encourage you to write about a woman whose achievements you admire.  On October 14th, write a blog post about your STEM heroine and add it to our collection: Just follow these simple steps:

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